Vagabond IPA Sampler 12pk-Angled-THUMB



An intrepid vagabond too smart for their own good is stranded in the past, hopping through time and exploring history as it unfolds around them. Venture into the unknown and explore the outer limits of your tastebuds with Galactic Vagabond, a bold 9% Double IPA emitting aromas of stone fruit and citrus while gliding over pillowy malts to explore juicy peach pineapple, nectarine, orange, and lemon flavors. Jumping back in time to the nineteen ninety something, Bodacious Vagabond's got the juice to get loose with a double-dose of Styrian Dragon, Citra, and Galaxy hops producing some tubular tropical fruit aromas with just a hint of pine followed up by a blast of radical peach, pineapple, and citrus flavors. Our silky smooth NEIPA Underground Vagabond has landed in 1977, so grab your leather jacket, spike up your freshly dyed hair, and get ready to enjoy strong aromas of tropical fruit followed by layered flavors of juicy melon, peach, and sweet citrus. Wanted Vagabond is dodging the law and lassoing in all the flavors with this 7% West Coast Style IPA. Expect waves of tropical fruit, citrus, and stone fruits washing over a refreshing, clean bitterness with a crisp, yet smooth finish.