Hazy Orange Angelica

HAZY ORANGE ANGELICAHAZY IPA | 5.5% ALC/VOL Where many IPAs look to emulate citrus flavors with a careful blend of hops, we set out to up the ante and push those flavors over the top by taking our Angelica Hazy IPA and adding a healthy dose of orange to the fermenter along with our favorite…

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Angelica Lord Hobo Beer

ANGELICAHAZY IPA | 5.5% ALC/VOL Angelica is designed to be a one-of-a-kind hazy showcase for the magnificent Mosaic hop, bringing forth strong citrus flavors. What really stands out about this beer is the pillowy mouthfeel the wheat malt brings out. The color, haze, and taste are as if you’re drinking a freshly squeezed glass of…

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617 Hazy IPA by Lord Hobo

617HAZY IPA | 6.17% ALC/VOL 617 perfectly resembles the iconic winning spirit of Boston and all of New England through its carefully balanced flavors of greatness. The hops and grains beautifully blend together providing a perfect equilibrium between sweet and bitter. Together they form a bright berry flavor profile with a hint of honey in…

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