IPA Sampler Q1 12pk-2023-Angled-Thumb



This IPA Sampler is sure to fulfill all your hop cravings. Starting with the boldest of the bunch, our flagship Double IPA, Boomsauce. It hits you with 6 different hops to create a strong tropical yet earthy flavor profile. Next up is 617, a Hazy IPA with a smooth and satisfying combination of tropical, citrus, and floral flavors balanced out by a pleasant bitterness. On the softer side is Angelica, a refreshingly citrus-forward Hazy IPA with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel provided by the copious amount of wheat malt. Last on the list is our easy-drinking Hazy Pale Ale, Life. Bursting with intense citrus and tropical fruit flavors balanced out by a light malt body with just a touch of resinous pine to keep you coming back for more.

IPA SAmpler q123