IPA Sampler Q2 12pk-2024-Angled_SQ



Our latest IPA Sampler features Endless Vagabond, a new Juicy IPA making quite the splash in the citrus scene. Dive into the tropical aromas of this 6% Juicy IPA as waves of far-out Galaxy, Huell Melon, and Mosaic hops merge with luscious orange for some fab flavors that will keep you groovin' all day long. Next up is Bodacious Vagabond at 7%, a Double Dry-Hopped New England IPA with a double-dose of Styrian Dragon, Citra, and Galaxy hops that make for some tubular tropical fruit aromas with just a hint of pine followed up by a blast of radical peach, pineapple, and citrus flavors. Following up the Vagabonds is 617, a Hazy IPA with a smooth and satisfying combination of tropical, citrus, and floral flavors balanced out by a pleasant bitterness. And last but not certainly not least, we have Boomsauce, our big and bold flagship Double IPA. Brewed with five distinct hops, it delivers a blast of tropical fruit flavors before tapering off with a subtle earthy finish that leaves a lasting impression.

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