Boombox Vol 4-12pk Angled_SQ



Remixed and remastered, Volume 4 of our Boombox sampler is here to reimagine Boom- sauce with an awe-inspiring medley of IPAs. From the depths of darkness, the Doom- sauce emerges...Black as midnight yet full of tropical flavors with a delicate roasted malt backbone that finishes slightly sweet and remarkably clean at 8%. Our crisp and easy-drinking 6% Cold IPA Moonsauce is here to launch your tastebuds into the strato- sphere with a burst of tropical citrus. Escape to paradise with POG Sauce, a smooth 9.5% DIPA infused with passionfruit, orange, and guava flavors. Holding it down is the one and only, Boomsauce. Our bold flagship Double IPA is blended with six different hops that crank up the intensity of tropical and earthy flavors. This Boombox is stacked with tracks you’ll want to keep on repeat.

Boombox Sampler V4_BeerBoxes