This audacious vagabond is too smart for their own good. Hopping through time while mingling with hops from all walks of life, they seamlessly blend into each period they escape to. Though their quest has yet to be revealed to anyone but them, we encourage you to follow along in their ambitious journey. Available year-round.


The Banger Series introduces five new limited releases to our calendar, all with vibrant hop profiles. Each experimental Double IPA is charged by an array of hops, all working together to push the boundaries of the hop-flavor profiles we’ve become accustomed to.


Our Collab Series features quarterly releases only available for a limited time. Each release features a different company in our local community that we've teamed up with to craft a unique and innovative beer.


The Women of Lord Hobo have come together to celebrate their labor, expertise, and skillset in the brewing industry while giving back to the community that supports them.

A portion of the proceeds from each beer created by the WOLOHO team will go towards furthering the education of the Women of Lord Hobo. The creation and sales of these beers offer the opportunity for women in different departments to contribute and learn from each of the product’s life cycles: product development, marketing, brewing, sales, and taproom experience.